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Default Re: Your 5 top gigs. As audience

I don't know that I've ever had a live band leave a lasting impression on me. Maybe I'm more geared towards listening to music on the stereo and in my own time. Then again, the bands I love and idolize aren't playing anymore. Hearing the Zeppelin concerts from How the West Was One and watching the DVD when they were released in 2003 made me realize what a truly great rock band was capable of, but I've never been struck that way while watching a group in person, be it a local show I turned up at or an arena show I bought my tickets for months in advance.

I guess a few live artists have made me think, but they've not made me re-evaluate my own goals or approach to music.

Paul McCartney
11/14/2012, Minute Maid Park, Houston
10/2/2014, United Spirit Arena, Lubbock
Paul is the best live performer I've ever seen. He models his shows to keep up and compete with what Beyonce and other major pop acts around the world are doing. He's 74 years old but you couldn't tell it from watching a three-hour show.

Semi Precious Weapons
10/7/2009, House of Blues, Houston
On a whim I went to a show headlined by the Sounds. The Sounds are a Swedish indie rock band who I discovered by hearing one of their songs featured in a Geico commercial. I liked the song and thought the concert would be a good time, but they ended up not being worth watching. One of the bands who opened for them was Semi Precious Weapons. At this point in my life I'd not been to many shows that weren't major stadium productions. Weapons came out and kicked total ass. I felt like they knew what their identity was and they played with total confidence and a hell of a lot of attitude. This show might have been the closest thing I've experienced to a live music revelation because I finally saw in-person what it meant for a band to put on a performance, not just play their songs. I bought their album and didn't like it.

Donny McCaslin
1/12/2013, Zinc Bar, New York
I saw Donny McCaslin during the 2013 New York Winter Jazzfest. His band was Mark Guiliana, Jason Lindner and Fima Ephron. Donny's album Casting for Gravity had been out for a few months and my buddies and I were listening to it non-stop. We spent the weekend in New York seeing as many groups as we could. It was a great experience, but Donny's performance made the trip for me. Every member of the band was on fire. The rhythm section and Donny were two completely independent, living, breathing musical bodies and they meshed perfectly together. The only negative takeaway was that Tim Lefebvre didn't play, as he'd played bass on the album and a half dozen other albums I was listening to at the time. Mark and Jason were on the album, though, and it was great to see them do it live. Tigran Hamasayan opened and his set was incredible as well. My big takeaway from this show was that I'd never be as talented as any of the guys I saw play, but that's okay because I love rock and roll.
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