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Default Re: Your 5 top gigs. As audience

Although I have seen stadium/big auditorium shows, and enjoy the sense of "spectacle", I prefer seeing bands in smaller clubs on their way up the ranks, or an established band playing a smaller venue. My current top 5:

1) Mutemath at Sonar in Baltimore. Tiny club that's now defunct. Incredible live act. Darren King is one of my favorite drummers. At one point in the show, he was crowd surfing on top of his bass drum while still playing a snare he was holding in one arm. Crazy.

2) Foxy Shazam at 930 Club in D.C. They opened for The Darkness. Absolutely blown away. This was after they had released The Church of Rock and Roll. The lead singer is like the love child of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. I think The Darkness seemed fairly tame in comparison.

3) Elbow at 930 Club in D.C. Brilliant musicians. Hard to believe such a delicate voice comes out of a dude as big as Guy Garvey.

4) Foals at The Ottobar in Baltimore. Big fan, glad in some ways they aren't bigger in the States. In this club, there's a kind of balcony seating where my friend and our wives were sitting--they don't like to stand for shows anymore. At one point, Yannis decides to climb up from the stage and wedge himself directly into our space while still playing. A literal brush with fame if you will.

5) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult at Cignals in Baltimore. First show I ever went to with my wife.
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