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Default Re: Your 5 top gigs. As audience

1. Genesis 1982- 3 Sides Live Tour- Just incredible with Chester and Phil on top form.
2. Foo Fighters- 2015- What a gig! Taylor on fire, Dave with his broken leg and a crowd who were so up for it after the initial cancellation.
3. Peter Gabriel- 1983- Plays Live Tour- Rick Marotta on drums- rhythms from another world.
4. Dave Lee Roth - 1988- Greg Bissonette on drums- I can still see bits of the drum solo- unison double bass with twin china cymbals- it was so cool.
5. Crowded House- 2010- Matt Sherod on drums in place of the dear departed Paul Hester. This isn't so much a drum choice as a music choice. Very sophisticated songs played to perfection by a band who really know what to leave out.

I've been to loads of gigs over the years with some incredible playing but these are the first to come to mind. I'll have another 5 by tomorrow....
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