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Default Re: Your 5 top gigs. As audience

One thing off the bat, I have a feeling a few of those "top gigs as audience" are still on the horizon, since I'm paying attention to a different genre (blues) than I've ever had befor now. And I'm really glad for that.

But currently mine are the following:

1. Fishbone (St Lous, 2011 or '10). The vibe and energy and musicianship of those guys was amazing, truly gifted elder statesman

2. There's a STL band called Fragile Porcelain Mice that I used to see frequently in my late teens/early twenties. More of a "punk-ish" local act, but kind of the same as Fishbone as far as energy and how tight they were.

3. Faith No More, these guys were f--king amazing. Mike Patton, in addition to having a great voice is just a fun guy to watch jump around on stage.

4. Jason Ricci and The Bad Kind. Jason R is a blues harmonica player who makes John Popper look like a squirrely amateur. Saw him last year here in KC, never seen a harp player attack it the way he does, but he can also player soft and delicate as well. His band is amazing too.

5. Danielle Nicole Band. Probably my current favorite KC blues act, love DN's voice, and she never EVER mails it in. High energy, deeply soulful and bluesy, amazing band, can't go wrong with her.
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