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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Glen and Xush,
glad to hear that you like the new album.

Hi jlm0000

1) What's the song's name called in the last chapter of your DVD? That songs seems like a funky song with BPM 110, (Live Version in Frankfurt is BPM 111.25, right?)with a big brass section and some dj's effects....

"Quite Firm" - but if you have the DVD you would know that - because the only way to play it is by clicking on it's name right?

2) Is it defind as an <ACID FUNK> style?

I don't really know. Sorry

3) At the same song above in <Live Version>, Did you use some <CLICK SOUND> at the back of songs to support your stable Timing?

Yes I'm listening to a click for the entire song.

4) Do you sugess a drummer being on stage to using metronum <ALL TIME> in <ALL SONGS?>....caz' I've getting a problem, when I helping some artist/bands to play on stage without the metronum, I can't control a <Perfect Timing> under pressure....

Some artists are very fussy about their tempos - in which case I would use a click for the whole song - or just the first few bars to get off to a good start. Some artists are a bit more relaxed and are ok if the tempo is within a few bpm. I have used the "Beat Bug/Tempo Ref" in cases like this just to know that I'm in the right ball park of tempo.
I know under pressure tempos can be deceiving and a song might be correct but feel very slow because of adrenaline. That's when the Tempo Ref (or Beat Bug) is useful.

It can give you the confidence to know when you're right. However if your sense of timing is weak - then this gadget won't help you - it will drive you crazy. You can't follow it - it can only follow you. It can be an interesting practice aid to show you what your tendencies are.

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