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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

I've registered here just to say thank you Gavin and the rest of the band for the awesome show in Bristol on Tuesday night. I was right at the front, unfortunately close to the lager fiends who shouted "You guys f*@+ing rock" between every song but had a perfect view of your playing. I have just started learning the drums but after seeing you, I feel like eating my vic firths!

Seeing you play was about as perfect an example as I could wish to see of someone using their kit as an instrument to fit in with the song and the band and not just to keep time. Everything about your playing was spot on, the sound of drums and cymbals, feel, groove, it was all there

My now long-suffering wife would like to complain about me brainwashing her with talk of Porcupine Tree this and Gavin Harrison that but I know how she feels as some of the new album tracks have been going around in my head since last week. I don't know if you may have read it, but there's an Arthur C Clarke short story "The Ultimate Melody" that sort of sums up my mind at the moment, melodies going around and around in there with no sign of letting up!

Thank you again, Gavin.

I wish you and the band every success in the future.

PS Sorry to sound such a sycophant!
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