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Default Re: Need advice - quitting a band that I'm the co-founder of

Originally Posted by DrumWild View Post
Wouldn't it be interesting if some of them were on other forums, or talking to other friends, about how to quit, too?

But if the opposite is true, and some push you to stay, be ready to stand your ground, without being a d**k, as some have already said.

My strangest band-quitting experience was when I called the singer to quit. I just said that it wasn't working out, and didn't mention my frustration of his inclination to set 2:00pm rehearsals, when he doesn't like to get up before 5:00pm, and he always complained as if I were the one forcing him.

Anyway, when I told him that I was quitting, he got really concerned. "No, please don't quit. Give it some time. It's only been a few weeks. Being in a new band is like dating a new woman. You have to take your time, get over some road bumps, figure each other out. When you let it all go and put forth your best, you'll be surprised at what can come your way. Great things will happen with us.

I gave in and said I'd stay.

Two hours later, he called to "fire" me because "it wasn't working out."

Fragile egos, I swear.
Wow! Really??? I've heard about some headcases in the past from other musicians I know, but I never heard of that one. Holy crap... Thanks for sharing, my task doesn't seem so difficult anymore.
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