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Default Re: In Ear Monitor Setup Question

Originally Posted by FritzDrummer View Post

If I am understanding correctly, with most IEM systems, each transmitter puts out the same levels. So if the bass player wants more lead guitar and vocals coming through than I do as the drummer, we need separate transmitters.
Yes, you'll need a separate transmitter for each mix from the board. In the real world if you're using more than three mixes you'll also need an antenna combiner to tie the transmitters together to a single transmit antenna.

Also you should be aware that the FCC just sold off the frequencies above 617MHz and they will become illegal for wireless mics or IEMs in the near future (if you are in the USA). If you buy something there you will need to be replacing it in the near future so stick to the lower 500MHz bands. The wider the band the better (and more expensive generally). Drummers and probably keyboard players should consider wired IEMs. It will save you some $$$ and sound better as well.
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