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Default Re: My UK trip part 1

If I didn't allude to it earlier, this was a life changing trip for me. When I went to London in 2013, I stayed within a 3 block area. This time I got a real flavor for the countryside and the people. The best part of my trip was my stay with both Andy and Madge, by far. The drum show is really just an excuse for me to visit.

The sheer beauty of the countryside was far greater than I ever imagined. The food was so much better. The people are far friendlier than here in the Northeast part of the US. Everything about it is better, from where I'm sitting. I told Madge I felt like a newborn because everything seemed brand new to me. I'm going back next May, this time with my wife. We will do Madgefest and visit with Andy, then her and I are going to tour the countryside and some towns and villages.

So watch out, I'll be driving lol.
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