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Default Re: Finding a Song's BPM

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Interesting thread. I would find typing in a bpm to an App before every song and starting that off on that with the band a real PITA, and kind of cheating.

Shouldn't the band learn the tempo, internalize it, through rehearsal?

Just a thought, If you want to settle arguments in a band at how fast/slow a song on record is, there is this one:
I agree. We are old school though. ;-) I am also old school in that i believe that no one should not rely on an app for performances, and doing that (and only in my opinion) takes out the personal touch and give it more of a sterile feeling. However I don't think this particular app is for figuring out how fast/slow a song in on a recording, but more to make sure that as you learn and new material - cover or original - with a band you maintain a steady tempo to learn correctly and keep you honest at a gig.
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