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Default Homemade Richie Rings: How?

I have recently bought some new snare heads (Coated Amb, Snare Side Amb, absolutely love it), and I tuned em up nice for me (nice fat and wet, slapping the snares) but I have a tad bit of undesired overtones.

I have my old trusty Tama stock head that I plan on using...never, since the coatings already off after about a month and a half, and I'm saving up for some new hats, so any money spared is well worth it.

I've heard people making homemade Richie/O/Studio Rings out of old heads, so I figure I might as well try.
I only have one shot at this, so I'm trying to make it right.

My question is: How exactly do I do it?

Also: If the entire ring muffles it too much, then I think I'm just going to cut it up some more and place only some of it on.
I read somewhere on here of a guy doing it and loving it, so if you know how to do it then any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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