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I believe he was also "instrumental"(pun intended ;P) in the development of the tunable tom-toms, the hi-hat and is believed to be the first to actually record with a bass drum in the studio. And he did make the drums a solo instrument and was responsible for making the drummer a highly respected and high paid musician. As Buddy once said about Gene: "Gene was a great, great genius of the drums.....Can you imagine jazz without Gene?" Here's to Mr. Showmanship himself, Gene Krupa!!!
Gene was not responsible for the hi hat. Cannot remember the guy's name but I think he was in Fletcher Henderson's band at the time.

My mother was a huge fan of Gene and I began hearing about him at a very early age. I was listening to Goodman when in nappies.

Gene's place in drumming is etched in stone. Many today do not realize what a star he was. Until Ringo came on the scene Gene Krupa was the most famous drummer alive and possibly the only drummer known to the general public. Now before people mention Buddy, he was very well known to drummers, but not to the public at large. When the guy in the street thought of a drummer, it was Gene Krupa. Think of it this way, Hollywood makes movies about Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Glenn Miller etc. Well, they also made one about Gene Krupa. THAT was how big he was.

I am sure we've spoken about him at DW before.
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