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[quote=photon;101599]Hey Zardoz I was thinking the same thing too....only 21 posts about Krupa? QUOTE]

I think when everyone is in agreement with nothing to bicker about, these threads don't get the momentum some of the more heated one do. Same thing happens with the Steve Smith or Dennis Chambers threads.

Now you look at Neil Peart or Travis Barker thread. Wow, these go on forever because people are bickering back and forth about who knows what.

Now, for my two cents about Mr. Krupa. He is the man for whom all should praise as a damn fine drummer, an innovator of the modern trap set, the trend setter that allowed drummers to be noticed and, ultimately, become band leaders. He is one of the greats.

He (Buddy and Louie) gave ample and justified praise to the likes of Chick Web, Big Cid Catlett, Warren "Baby" Dodds and Papa Jo Jones as the masters who deserved recognition for their contribution to the art of drumming.

Drumming is a living thing that doesn't stop and start with one person. It feeds on every one of us who picks up the sticks and tries to create something - good or bad.

Sorry for the tangents.
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