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Default Re: Singing lead and stage presence

I don't know what size venues you play, so this may or may not apply. Here is what came to mind:

If you haven't done so yet-strip your kit down to the bare minimum. If you are using a riser-take it away and put the kit right on the stage. Drop your toms, move your cymbals away from the front of the kit. If possible, move your kick forward a few feet closer to the audience. Trick is to see and be seen. Don't allow other players to stand center stage or otherwise block your view of the audience or their view of you.

Work on "eye contact" (I know you can't really see the audience most times if you are using stage lights or a platform...but at least "look" like you are looking).

Make your vocals-not your drums-the "priority" of your performance....

Good luck!
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