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Default Re: Buying a custom DW set

Originally Posted by Rubik1014 View Post
Well boys I have booked my trip out to LA for three weeks from now. I'll be doing a factory tour and hopefully spending a little time at what I understand is a retail shop right there?

Is there a "must visit" retailer in the LA area to really see the kits? I would have to think if there is one, it would be there?

Should I ask for anything special at the factory considering I am seriously on the verge of ordering a kit? I "mentioned" it in my inquiry e-mail and didn't get any extra offers other than the standard tour.

Right now I probably have the cash to do it, but as I mentioned above I don't even want to put it together until I have $10k ready to go so I can add on whatever the hell I feel like as I am putting it together.
That's cool. I haven't been out to that factory yet - they just had a factory day this past weekend that I couldn't get to either. From what I've seen in videos, they have a room of drum sets so you can try out whatever they have, so that should be really cool, especially if you can hear the differences between all the different woods and shell constructions.

I didn't know they took orders at the factory, but maybe they do? Since you're not too far away, you should head south from Oxnard down to Hollywood and visit the world renown Professional Drum Shop and see the historic shop that every pro drummer in town goes to. They treat everybody the same - it's a really cool hang.
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