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Default Re: Buying a custom DW set

Originally Posted by Stroker View Post
Re: Remo Ambassador heads, would I notice a significant difference in sound compared the stock heads I'm currently using?

I've watched a number of YouTube videos related to snare, tom, and bass drum heads, and by the time I've finished watching, they all seem to sound the same, so I keep playing the stock issue.

I'll take a look at the Ambassadors. Appreciate the mention, Az!
They don't have to be Ambassadors. I mentioned them, because so many stock heads are Ambassadors. I still have a set of the stock DWs that came with my PDPs in my closet. Some say DW, others say PDP, but they are identical and say medium head by Remo on them, they are far from medium. If you compare them to clear Ambassadors or G1s for example, while they are technically all medium heads, the DW heads are nowhere near the same. They are way thicker and stiffer.

I would have totally expected them on the PDP line, but would have expected DWs to warrant real heads when shipped.
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