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It's been a long time and I had to re-register....oh well.
In answer to the question (Re: Jeff on "Chicago's" "Stay the Night").
Yeah. That's him. I was one of 4 people doing his credits list at Toto Network last year. Some good-natured nut asked me to manage that project! Anyway. Yeah; Jeff's the guy.
When a player shows up on a record uncredited, it's called a "ghost credit".

It was Foster's decision to use Jeff for "Stay the Night"
CARLOS VEGA is the groove behind "You're the Inspiration" as well.... two of the absolute best on the same record------three, if you count Seraphine, whose work I've always admired.


Originally Posted by TonyAKA View Post
Originally stated by RainCloudMusic earlier in the thread...

"Jeff also shows up BIGTIME for "Chicago" .... on "17", the first tune is all Jeff.

I thought for years that was Seraphine, but it was Porcaro on "Stay the Night"."

Is this true?

I've checked out the cd and only Seraphine is credited. There is an additional musicians part to the credits, and he's not in there either.
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