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Originally Posted by syaoran05
yeah, but see, you need to look at it from the view of a person that wants his band to be famous. at the start what matters most is that the name Metallica would be popular, so people would watch them, hear them and buy them; so they'd allow the tape swapping because its what will spread the word about Metallica -awhat will make them popular.

then of course you want to earn money, not lose it.. while theyre not gigging and promoting their songs, they sit down and compose songs; or when they just want to relax - it will take time offstage hence they wont be paid any money except those that come from royalty. and that royalty comes from tapes and CD's being sold. now, if everything was napstered no one would buy their CD's and they wont get any money at all.

personally i'd do exactly the same.. i'd release an EP then tell anyone they could spread it in any way so that my band's name will become popular. then when we get signed we'll tell everyone not to download our songs illegally or get pirated copies coz i know that the money we earn from the records we release will go to waste if everybody just got pirated coipes and downloads.

who said double bass made Lars good? the thing is that people percieve Lars' double bassing intense, not that his playing double bass makes him good.

If you read my post fully you would see I was quoting someone that said he didnt like Lars due to his objection of Napster. I actually believe Lars did the right thing sueing Napster. Also if you go back to some of the posts before me alot of them talk about his double bass. I love double bass, but that doesnt make someone a good drummer.
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