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Originally Posted by infernal drummer
about that ride.. ive just seen san diego 92 .. there might be a ride.. but its not clear.. he has 3 cymbals on his right side, and a china.. where there normaly would be a ride he has a high hat. it looks like that for me.. on cunning stunts he defidently has a china where there should be a ride.. if he has a ride. he isnt using it very much. there could be a crash/ride somewhere, i dont know. like i said.. he isnt using it much. cant actually recall him using it now.... live that is..
he has a china in the position of where the ride would normally be.... but the ride is placed among the crashes,a nd its an avedis too so its hard to see which one the ride is.... but definitely he has a ride...

he has a china in the position of the ride, but he has a ride. he uses that ride as a crash.

its either he has a ride or is lying.
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