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Default It's all Larry's fault! (Pics)

Ok, so I started this thread a little while back about what are some random toms folks are searching for. So what does Larry do? He pops over there and says something like, "I have some toms to give away if anyone wants them." I was trying to piece together a kit, so I said, "I'll take the two PDP toms." So, they arrived. I took the PDP mount off of the floor tom and added a suspension cradle with tom legs:

So, I have a friend who has a couple of non-matching kick drums he was looking to sell for fairly good prices; however, before pulling the trigger, I decided look at evilBay, and I spot this:

The price? Let's just say that it was about HALF of what the other PDP CX kicks were going for. So, I quickly sold my Basix Birch kit (which I wasn't terribly pleased with these days), and I ordered this kick. The result? See below:

The only thing I want to do is find a PDP cover plate for the kick drum and remove that bracket. I've not gotten to play it yet because when I got home, my youngest kid was sick and was sleeping peacefully, but I will be giving it a workout tonight.

A huge shout-out to the most generous person on the forum!

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