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Default The passing of popular people/musicians/entertainers

I wanted to state something, but I'd like to write it in a separate thread in order to not step all over a thread where it's about a certain person who died.
And I absolutely don't have anybody particularly in mind, nor do I want to criticize anyone in particular.

When a musician or entertainer or artist in general dies, and everyone seems to write something including "RIP" in their status, I want to join them, because it's a sad certainly.

On the other hand though, everytime someone famous or popular dies and it's all over social media, I feel bad because I think people "just" celebrate whatever that person did that they liked (which will normally be entertainment "only") and they are sad that this entertainment will be over. But actually I believe that everybody is worth the same as a human being, and for every person whose death causes great waves on social media, hundreds or probably thousands of people and lives are simply overlooked. But they had family too, they have a mother who mourns, and they leave loving ones behind. And they probably read facebook posts as well, where it's all about certain popular people, and not about someone who wasn't known at all. To me that's quite a sad thing, and unjust, too.
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