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Default Re: Drum Porn: Allan Holdsworth/Jimmy Haslip/Virgil Donati

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Stunning! Crash sequence from 4:38 blew me away.
I think I can't count all the moments that blow me away :). Actually I'm sure I don't
even get everything Virgil plays. I think subdividing in (fast) (broken) quintuplets for
him is like playing the money beat for Phil Rudd, haha.
Originally Posted by Thaard
Of all the fusion shows I've been to, I've never seen anyone of the opposite sex there actually enjoying the music. Only wives, looking like they've been dragged there by their spouse, and being bored out of their skulls.
LOL! That woman caught my attention, too! I will see what Switzerland is like in that
regard when I get to see them live in 10 days, yay!!
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