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Originally Posted by nolonx View Post
The DVD arrived today.

It's funny.. the only DVD I know where you actually watch the menu :D
I had to watch the menu loop all the way through. It’s one loooooooooong take! And he almost messes up the visual loop at the very end.

Spoiler: the menu is Benny getting his breakfast in his kitchen, but he takes breaks to make percussive music on whatever’s around him. This description may sound a little dull, but it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Also, visually this video is the most appealing I’ve seen, and I have a fairly large collection of drum vids. I’m happy to watch e.g. Gavin Harrison’s stuff with all his great camera angles etc., but there’s something very soothing and pleasing about a guy sitting among the wildflowers with the Alps in the background. (I should point out that that’s just one of many locations in the vid.)
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