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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey Folks,

My name's Adam. I used to play drums all day long in high school. I spent a bunch of years living in college dorms and small apartments and didn't have a good place to play. So now, shortly after my 10 year high school reunion, I bought an old gretsch blackhawk kit off craigslist for $150. I set them up in the spare bedroom and I'm trying to get my chops back. I started recording my playing just too see what it looked like, then decided to post some of the video's on youtube just to add to the pool of homemade drum video's - hoping they might cause someone to think a little differently or try something new.

Here's a link

I like watching other people play and trying some of their tricks. Feel free to check out my youtube channel and post responses.

Please offer suggestions on how I might improve my playing and please let me know if you enjoy any particular part of what i'm putting out there.

Real name - Adam
Age - 29
How long have you been playing - Since the late 90's [skipping 2001-2012]
Origin of user name - Name of my solo project [not a serious project]
Your top drummer - Jeffrey Clemens
Make of drumkit - Gretsch Blackhawk [$150 from craigslist]
Make of cymbal - Paiste Twenty 14" Hats, Paiste Twenty 22" Ride (prototype)
Where do you practice - Spare bedroom
Are you in a band - No
Do you play covers or originals - Mostly just jamming with friends
What style of music - many
Favourite take out food - Pad Thai
What country do you live in - USA
One really odd fact about yourself - I do some things right handed and some left. Ex. Baseball - throw right, bat left
How did you start drumming - My dad was always a drummer. Played the snare in 6th grade band and hated it, signed up for kit lessons in
7th grade and loved it.

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