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Default Re: Electronic China Cymbal?

Originally Posted by Revan View Post
The problem i have is that i want to get a china like cymbal so when i do go to an acoustic kit, i wont be accidentally going for a crash or ride out of reflex. Does anyone know of a company that sells China shaped electronic Cymbals that are plastic/Rubber and not brass?
My two cents: When going from electronic to acoustic drums, the shape of the cymbal will be the least of your worries. The two instruments have such a vastly different feel anyway (not to menion the size difference) that the shape of a single cymbal won't give you any extra headaches.

I've owned both kinds of kit several times, and going between them has never caused any confusion like you describe; it's more a thing of getting used to both kits individually. Electronic and acoustic drums are two different instruments, and require different approaches and playing styles.
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