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Default Re: Electronic China Cymbal?

Originally Posted by Revan View Post
The problem i have is that i want to get a china like cymbal so when i do go to an acoustic kit, i wont be accidentally going for a crash or ride out of reflex.[. . . ] the real decent ones (ZB and Visulite) are over priced in my opinion [. . .] i was thinking of getting a single Zone cymbal that is all trigger and simply mounting it upside down but i wasnt sure what to look for.
I think you've answered your own question. If you already have single-zone pad that you're happy with then another one of those will do just fine. You don't need to mount it upside down or anything: the only reason one does that to bronze china cymbals [by the way - try not to go for brass if you can afford proper cymbals] is because they are contoured differently to other cymbals and if you hung it the same way you hung a crash you'd shred your sticks on the edge of the cymbal and in the long term do damage to the cymbal itself.

A regular single zone pad that you would use for a crash/ride/splash should serve you perfectly well: playing a china is no different to a crash or a splash - it's not like using different techniques for riding - you just hit the thing (so to speak). If you're concerned about muscle memory or hitting things out of habit or whatever then surely it's a question of placement. If your china-pad is placed high on your right hand side, for example, then so long as you put your real china there when the time comes you won't have a problem. Not that I believe that to be a real problem anyway. Most chinas tend to be quite big and loud: they're hard to miss no matter where you put them on your kit.
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