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Default Electronic China Cymbal?

So i decided i was ready to take my practicing and drumming to the next level and i started to really look around. The base of my kit is an Alesis DM7. I purchased a Triple Zone ride (alesis) thus freeing up the original single zone ride for use as a second Crash. I also purchased 3 Cymbal mounts on Ebay so i have room for two more cymbals.

Ideally i was thinking i want Two crashes, one Ride, One hat, a China and i have yet to decide on the third one, probably a third crash or maybe a splash.

The problem i have is that i want to get a china like cymbal so when i do go to an acoustic kit, i wont be accidentally going for a crash or ride out of reflex. Does anyone know of a company that sells China shaped electronic Cymbals that are plastic/Rubber and not brass?

I know Pintech has them but the cheaper ones (PC) are well, cheap and crap, and the real decent ones (ZB and Visulite) are over priced in my opinion.

i was thinking of getting a single Zone cymbal that is all trigger and simply mounting it upside down but i wasnt sure what to look for.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
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