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Default Just sharing a fun email :)

I received this a few days after our last weekend's gigs. Names removed so I don't get into trouble for posting this ;)

It is with a heavy heart that we report the band “Fired Up” may be partially responsible for the break-up of two long term relationships (I’m serious).

It appears that two couples travelled together to the XXXXXX (venue) to see the live performance with a taxi booked home for 11 pm in order to relieve the babysitter of her duties.

As the clock struck 11 pm and the taxi arrived, the two females proceeded to the taxi. It is alleged that the two male partners refused to leave the premises because “the band haven’t finished playing “.

It is reported that the taxi waited 20 minutes whilst the women took issue with their partners who refused to move.

The taxi departed with the two female occupants.

Eye witness reports suggest that the words “F.U.” were screamed from the departing taxi. It is unclear at this time whether this was referring to the performing artist, or a reference to each of the female occupant’s partners.

XXXXXXXXX County Council have requested that in addition to the pre gig announcement of loud music and flashing lights, a warning be given as to the serious impact this band may have on relationships.

County Councillor XXXXXXXXXX
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