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Default Re: Anyone know what this pedal is?

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
but there's something about this one that just works for me - go figure.
It actually figures quite easily I reckon mate. Nothing determines the effectiveness of a pedal more than comfort and "feel".

I say it all the time, pedals are like shoes. I'd much rather wear my tattered old Chuck Taylors than I would my expensive leather dress shoes. I can (and do) wear both......but the Converse just feel more comfortable. Pedals are no different......hence why my reply to all the "what's the best pedal?" threads is always the same. Get your feet on 'em and let the pedal tell you. For some people, a $50 pedal feels a hell of a lot better to them than a $650 pedal......and there ain't nothin' wrong with that.
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