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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO pedals!!!

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
I wrote them an e-mail about one year ago - at that time the double version was 650 Euros plus some 50 Euros shipping (within Europe). There was a slight price increase then, but that was a few months back, I don't know what the current price is.

The price was stated somewhere on their website at that time. Or at least in a document one could open/download from the site. I've just taken a look at their website and haven't found any price indication this time though.

Just e-mail them for a price quote, and come back and tell us here ;-)

There's a thread on those pedals on Derek Roddy's website, too, but it's more of a "do you know those pedals?" type thread:
THE DEVIL's HOOF amazing looking pedal from Poland!
thanks! Won't be able to afford them for a while....
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