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Default Re: Good nutrition ideas?

All you need is a good general diet. That may look many different ways. Keep it organic and minimally processed.

I eat a typical breakfast of oats, with walnuts sweetened with my favourite honey. I add dried fruits and usually some sort of superfood powder.

For lunch it's a salad or more often a smoothie filled with, teas, herbs and a all sorts of raw superfoods. Mostly ordered from

For dinner I never fry anything. Usually grilled meat, steamed/baked fish or soup(home made stock is the bomb) with salad and different veggies. Lots of high grade oils and fresh raw herbs added.

In addition or with these foods I drink a lot of my own formula of Chinese tonic herbs. I use tons of probiotics and fermented foods.With some spices and oils they can be made really tasty.

Between meals it's different teas. Green tea, nettle with mint, more of my home made TCM tonic or whatever else I'm experimenting with at thee moment.

The only real supplements I take are fish oil and plant dreived MSM. There is all sorts of powders and extracts added to anything, though.

For snacks I've completely fallen in love with my own homemade quinoa tortillas(quinoa, salt and just enough spelt flour so they stick together) that I eat pretty much like potatochips with different sorts of healthy dips whenever I crave anything. I also keep some raw chocolate handy.

My grains of choice are oats, millet, quinoa, wild rice and spelt.

I'm careful with juicing expecially sweet fruits, however a juice made of stuff like celery, cucumber, beet and a few carrots can be very helpful both for nutrition and cleansing. A few other great cleansing agents are lemons and cilantro.

This is just an overlook of what I do. Going into detail would take a whole book. Everyone's body is different, though. You have to experiment to find out what works best for you.

Make your own food from scratch from organic fresh ingredients and you know what you're getting. You can be your own quality control. Also choose a salt that you know is pure and free of contaminants.
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