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Default Re: Good nutrition ideas?

Well, i`ve always been a potato couch that never did any sport or exercise and ate a lot of junk food.
About a year ago, i decided that i HAVE to change something because i wasn`t feeling good physically. I gave up drinking Coca Cola and basically any soda`s. I also never drank any "natural juice" sold in stores ever since. The only fruit juice i drink is the one i make my own at home. Except of that, lots of water , tea, beer and sometimes, at parties and stuff, hard drinks. This is all i`m drinking and i`m trying to reduce the alcohol. Oh, and also, i don`t smoke, don`t drink coffee and energy drinks, don`t eat fast food.

I then tought, well, if controlling what i can drink is so easy, i can also control what i eat. And that`s what i did, i eliminated margarine (only use butter now) and everything that contains E`s , i always check what a product contains before buying it. I also changed the meat/vegetables ratio in favor to the greenery.

I also started to make some physical activities: i do push-ups every morning and i commute with my bicycle now. You have no idea how healthy and strong i feel now and i have also lost my back aches and problems! I am 12 months into this fitness regime (or whatever you want to call it) and it`s the best thing i could ever think of.
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