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Default Re: Good nutrition ideas?

The formula for healthy eating is very, very simple. Michael Pollan put it like this:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

That's pretty well all there is to it.

Source (Sauce):

A digression:

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I'm convinced that my government wants me to be as unhealthy as possible. Everybody is out to poison me with something it seems, from Red Bull to cigarettes to hard liquor to bad bad prescription drugs.
Actually, the government wants you to be healthy to maximise your value as a productive unit within the econom... er, society.

However, they care more about keeping their masters - big business - onside. That's just political survival. Big biz do what they want. Occasionally the government delays BB's gratification but not for long if BB really wants it baaad.

Meanwhile big biz tries every manipulative approach in the book to get you eating their cheap, unhealthy and (often) unethically produced food. If you die, then they didn't force you to eat their rubbish - not their problem.

Meanwhile, if you're a small business owner and a baby spills a bit of drink in your shop during a busy time and someone slips on it then you get sued into the poorhouse. Welcome to Land of the Free (and it's Oz branch).

Yes, it helps to be informed. Fortunately it's not hard. If most of what you eat is largely unprocessed plant matter you'll be eating healthily. People always tell me I look young for my age and I tell them it's a tribute to decades of late nights, smoking and bonging on. Seriously, eating healthy food with just 1 or 2 small serves of meat per week, and walking regularly have helped me stay relatively healthy despite my lack of discipline.

People in this society eat waaay too much red meat. It's a proven cancer forming agent when eaten too much.



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