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Default Re: Good nutrition ideas?

About a year or so ago I started thinking more about what was going into my body. I was raised on the typical American diet of meat, starch, and sugars for every meal and never thought much of it.

Then I asked myself if eating animal flesh for literally every meal was something the human body should really be doing. Until mass farming and freezer trucks, I think humans probably ate meat a much, much smaller percentage of the time. We certainly were not able to base literally every meal on chicken or beef.

So, I now eat meat maybe a few times a month. I feel immeasurably better just in terms of my general sense of well-being. Now when I go at a steak, I really notice how heavy I feel for the rest of the day, and how hard it is for the body to deal with it. This is not the norm for my body anymore, and I feel it's a positive change.

Then there's the plethora of chemicals and things I don't understand in all the processed foods the grocery store markets to us so hard. If I can't understand what's on the ingredients list of a product, I shy away. One of my main enemies right now is corn syrup, and all artificial sweeteners.
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