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Default Re: Family friend, coleague, dead. RIP Gregg Ham, Men at work.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Or Dudette, as the case may be :) It was just typical amoral economic rationalist hard core behaviour. Those multinats are like machines - they don't consider fairness, the courts here operate in a machinelike way too. Not sure this would have happened in the French legal system, where judges have more discretionary powers.

It seems that the depression caused by the case contributed to Gregg Ham's death. We care but the machines don't.
Oh sorry mate, I call everyone dude - I don't discriminate. lol
The thing that gets me the most is that the part of the flute riff in question is only a small piece of the Kookaburra song. It reminds me of when Vanilla Ice was sued for his usage of the Under Pressure riff for Iced Cold. If I remember correctly it was thrown out of court because he added an extra note to the riff.
So why the hell must a great band get dragged thru the dirt just because of one 5 second bit of music that sounds similar to something that was written around the turn of the last century?
Maybe Men at Work should've gotten a better attorney, but why the hell should they. If that was me in that situation, I would have gone literally mad with rage. Or in Gregg's case, it was probably the straw that broke the camels' back.
Tragic either way. So sad it had to end like this for him.
My band.....
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