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Default Re: IMAC or macbook pro - advise from Mac users please!

Originally Posted by ryanlikealion View Post
I've just bought this!! I was going to go for the 21.5" screen but they had none in stock today. So i've taken the plunge into the world of mac's. Most expensive thing i've ever bought!!

Thanks for your help everyone. I've spent about 3 days umm-ing and ah-ing about this and finally been able to make what I think has been an informed decision!

I may be back on this thread asking for tips on maintaining the mac and using it efficently/wisely etc.This forum has been a lot more useful than the mac forum!
You're going to be very happy :D When mine arrived, I nearly wet myself with happiness, haha. My whole life became a little bit more enjoyable, and working with music became about 10x easier. Here's my setup now:

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