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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Not to confuse even more but as I said, the camera doesn't really matter, at your point on the learning curve, the lens isn't really gonna matter right now either. Lots of people have done great photos with the kit lens too, ya know. Once you learn how to operate the new machine you need to learn how to light things up and you'll need to get into off- camera lighting if you want anything to look professional. Mosey over to to see what people can do with their one external speed light. If you're into photography at all you should be impressed.


As a professional photographer for the past 17 years I can tell you that in the right hands a good photographer can create (in most cases) the same image with a $500 camera vs a $5000 camera. It's all about taking the time to learn how to use it and for the love of Pete turn it OFF OF AUTO!!!

Learn about the ISO, White Balance,depth of field, how to read the internal light meter and get correct exposures and such. Like MFB said learn to shoot in manual so you truly understand how things work together.

The strobist is an incredible site.

Nikon vs Canon makes no difference, it's a matter of what feels best to you, which one is most comfortable in your hands and has menus that make the most sense to you. If you are wanting to seriously buy one look at that's where I pretty much purchase most of my gear from
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