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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by Vibra-Slap'd
I know Steve is on his way to Mexico right now.....

I don't think that Tommy would be willing to "share" his trigger sounds..... but if you read back, you'll see that Steve "makes" his samples via Quicktime.... You should be able to grab some files like Tommy's and dump them into your sampling unit....
I appreciate the attention to my schedule, but I am available to answer questions anywhere in the world. I will not be able to give MotleyKid the exact samplesI use, but I can explain how it is done. As Shane explained above, I do create the samples from SoundDesigner II files then export them to Quicktime and then dump them into my ddrum3 via S/PDIF and sample them real time into the onboard sampler. All of the sounds for Tommy, specifically the Wildside "pipe" and Girls "chopper" sounds are taken directly off the master tapes that I have copies of. Any other questions, hit me up; I'm always available for you guys!!!!!!!! Peace out from Mexico City!
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