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Default Re: IMAC or macbook pro - advise from Mac users please!

Originally Posted by ryanlikealion View Post
Could you give me the spec of your macbook pro. Harddrive rpm and processor details?
Mine's a 2009 model, so it's definitely out of date.

5400RPM drive, 250Gb. The processor is 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and it has 4GB of RAM running at 1067MHz, DDR3.

The modern processors are much better (i5s or i7s) but the HDDs are much the same. Apple offer an SSD as an option but it's very expensive from them. I have issues with the HDD recording audio but I don't tend to run more than five tracks live at the same time. I'm not sure about any more than that.

My two Macs are the best computers I have ever owned. One is five and a half years old and this one is nearly three years old. Very few issues. The older iMac runs like new.

There's also talk about Apple changing the line to use the new Ivy Bridge architecture from Intel. I would hold off for a couple of weeks and see what happens there.

Full list of specs there.
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