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Default Re: IMAC or macbook pro - advise from Mac users please!

I record drums on my 2009 MacBook Pro. I don't have many issues at all. It's also very simple to replace the HDD on a MacBook Pro if you have a bit of courage and a set of screwdrivers - of course, this will invalidate any warranty you have so it's best advised not to.

The iMac is best bang for the buck and they are superb. My Dad bought an iMac last year (base model for 999) and it is an absolute beast. The screens on both the MacBook Pro and iMac are just stunning. If I didn't already have an older iMac, I would consider buying one.

The real question is - do you need it to be portable? Really, that's all it comes down to. I need a portable computer and that's why I have a 15" MacBook Pro. It's as simple as that.
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