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Default IMAC or macbook pro - advise from Mac users please!

I am making the swith from PC to MAC this month. Please bear in mind that i don't have a great deal of experience with computers or making music on them. Macs seem VERY expensive so this switch is making me a bit nervous!

I am going to be using my new computer for music recording, digital photography (potentially at a semi-pro level) and possibly video editing. I have been advised to get someting with a good CPU (central processing unit.)

I have a budget of 1100 ($1800 US aprx.)

Here are my options as they stand:

13" mac book pro (2.4ghz i5, L3 cache 3mb) could be handy for portability and 850 will leave me money spare for software:

15" Macbook pro (2.0ghz i7, L6 chache 6mb) - out does the 13" in terms of processing - i think? but significantly more expensive at 1189:

Or i could just forget about portability and go for an Imac (2.7ghz quad core L3 6mb cache) which probably does everything i need:

Kind regards,

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