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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
hmmm. did the Remo come off cleanly ? it looks great in the photo, i thought it was stock. is the Tama logo clear backed ?

i too dislike the yellow/brown look of Fiberskyns. i saw some grey/black on white (or light grey) that appear to be Fiberskyns, but i haven't been able to verify that they are. can't remember where i saw them now, either. i think they would look good on my Piano Black Imps.

i see that Vintage Logo can make up any head of choice. i think i'll get a Partridge Family made up. although that KC and the Sunshine Band is looking rather sweet.

thanks for the info, Bo.
Sorry - late on this reply. Yes, the Remo crown logo comes off cleanly on their non-coated heads (so don't try it on a coated head, it'll just smear). But, you have to use the Cutex nail polish remover that has acetone in it (or maybe pure acetone if you have that and don't want to fess up about owning nail polish remover). And the Tama logo stickers I got were from a seller who made very good ones. They go on backwards, and when you take off the backing, it just leaves the black part. Very nice job on the logos.
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