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Default Re: The "how" thread

Music- U2 was a big insperation from a young age. My dad has many tapes (yes TAPES!) from the many times he had seen them, i used to sit and watch them and consentrate on the drummer, even when i had no idea about me drumming at the ages of about 5-8.
Drummer- Well...larry mullen was one of the first drummers names i knew, so il stick with him.
Person- It was always my personal choice but for the love of music, it would be my dad that helped me into it.
Style- Anything from metal to funk-jazz.
Inspirations- Again, larry was the only one i knew from a certain age, but now I am very much influenced by many others, like thomas lang, mike portnoy, ian paice, travis barker, etc, etc could go on forever so i will stop now.
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