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Default New moulded musicians earplugs

I had some custom moulded earplugs made by a Sydney company called Resound. The audiologist recommended 25db filters, I had the choice of 10 and 15 also. Everything I'd read about musicians earplugs suggested a flat attenuation however when I wear these, the sound is great, I have clarity and a significant volume reduction but I find that they boost the bass. As such my bass drum sounds very phat and my toms have lots of tone! I think this is the eq alot of ppl would chase but it seems a little unnatural to me. I'm thinking of padding my bass drum more but I worry that my guitarist won't be able to hear it well enough.

When I picked them up I tried then on and commented (to the receptionist) that my voice sounded a bit muffled and bassy, she said it was because I went for the quietist filter. I interperet this as my voice being louder internally rather than externally, if that makes sense. I also notice that when I walk I can hear my footsteps quite loud (internally) so I tend to agree with her. Either way, flat attenuation or not, I have the opportunity to swap the filters free of charge ONCE, would I be better off with the 15db filters? I'm yet to play with my guitarist and I might not get a live show in before the opportunity is lost.

Hoping to hear from ppl who use these!
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