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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Yo Pol, give this guy some phone sex or something!
Holy Harry-Met-Sally, Batman!

Actually, I've never done phone sex before. Closest I came was one time when I had a heavy breather on the line. I thought he was my flatmate goofing around so I was egging him on ... you know, stuff like "C'mon, is that the best you can do? Put a bit of heart in it!" etc ... and his panting got heavier and heavier ... and then my flatmate walked into the room ... oops.

In hindsight I found it especially weird because the experts always say that phone weirdos get off on fear and outrage so you should speak calmly, if at all. Theoretically me jokingly egging him on shouldn't have, well, egged him on. One of life's little mysteries ...

Anyway ... Bob, it sounds like you've gotten your life well organised. Seems like much of these good things stemmed from you applying some self discipline to your life. Well done, mister! It's not easy - or so I'm told.
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