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NAME:Bruford And The Beat (Video).


WORDED RATING: Truly exceptional, you can really benefit from the experience, and wisdom of one of the best drummers ever.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who likes good music, and wants to learn.

PUBLISHED BY: Hudson Music (I think).

DESCRIPTION: The two main elements of this video are clips of Bill Bruford talking about his musical career, explaining his personal approach to drumming, and his unique style, and offering advice, and talking about drumming concepts in general. The other element is clips of him playing, mostly on his own. Playing solos, and demonstrating techiques and ideas that he explains. There is also a full performance of 'discipline' with king crimson.

This is a very refreshing, inspiring, and original approach to drum instruction, as it is geared soully twoards the creative aspects of the art its self, and at no point trys to tell the veiwer what to do. I think many people would also find this video inspiring, and highly useful. But if your looking for something more technique orientated, I would reccomend 'When in doubt roll' which is an instructional book by Bill Bruford. Both video, and book aren't widely available, but you should be able to find them on the internet with a little effort.
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