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Default Mathieu LESCUYER, My very first time here, but not my last! ;-)

Real name?
Etc ......

well ...

How long have I been playing?
I play since over 30 years

Origin of my username?
drummermathieu : my YOUTUBE username... !!!

Top 5 drummers?
Jo Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chris Coleman, Stewart Copeland, Damien Schmitt

Make of drumkit?
TAMA Starclassic Mapple + Starclassic BB + Superstar Hyperdrive X 2 + Roland TD9 + Little Gretsch (vintage)

Make of cymbals?
mainly Zildjian (+ Ufip, Stagg, Istanbul, Meinl...)

Where do you practice?
I have a room where I teach many lessons

Are you or were you in a band?
Blessed Virgins (rock) Graemme Allwright (variétés) Louis Bertignac (ex-Téléphone) Thierry Obadia (chanson) Nuance (Funk) Lobster (Rock-Blues) Racines (Blues) Infinitif (Funk Rock) Sihem ( Pop rock) Angora ( rock) Gaïa (world) Court-circuit (rock) Jerry Cooper (afro-funk) Gilles Guillou (jazz) Jean-Paul Maéso (chanson pop) Via Luna (Pop Rock) etc.....

Covers or originals?

Style of music?
All kinds of music

Take out food?

France !!! You know? In Europe! ;-)

One really odd fact about yourself?
More i grow and more I like to play! Today I want to play with Le Cirque Du Soleil!

How did I start drumming?
At the age of eleven, after seeing a concert of contemporary music !! Truly !!!
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