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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
The big difference with King Crimson is that they have their own label - Discipline Global Mobile. That money goes directly back to the artist rather than some indefinable pit. In this modern World I think all bands really need to do their own distribution now. Radiohead have been doing it (to varying degrees), King Crimson do it, Trent Reznor does it. More money goes to the artists and the records are sold at a fairer price.
That's a good point.

The reason I chose Metric was because they also own record label, all of their sales go directly back to them but they still support free music. So keep that in mind.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post

If an artist specifically says they want their stuff distributed for free, I suppose that's their prerogative. I fail to see what if anything that accomplishes. Perhaps it generates interest in paying for a concert ticket, but it certainly doesn't generate music sales.

I think it does generate music sales. Personally, I've downloaded all of Metrics albums for free, their new album coming out I intend to buy, why?
Because they are being so welcoming to, not just to the people that buy their music, but to ANYONE who likes their music. I would like to give them some money for that, and I think a lot of people who wouldn't pay for their music will too.

I think the thing that doesn't generate music sales is bands that that don't support pirating music, because it's not like that's going to stop their music from getting pirated anyways.
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