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Default Hi everybody...

I joined the forum a couple of weeks back.

I'm from Cheshire, in the north of the United Kingdom, but currently living in Lancashire.

Started drumming at the age of 11, joining my first band with my older (17) mate Sean when I was 12. I played in bands until the age of 18 then threw my drumsticks and kit away in a huff when the band I was in refused to take up a residency covering Beatles songs in a hotel on the Isle of Man. I saw it as a a dream come true, a group of teenagers playing music they loved for the price of accommodation, drinks, food, and a small wage. My friends who were in the band disagreed, bottled it, and went to university.

I never really forgave them.

I met one of these lads about 10 years later when I was 30 and we hooked up, formed a quite brilliant band, and very nearly got signed until the two guitarists fell out and started fighting...and we subsequently broke up.

I dropped drums again at the aged of 36...just became impractical to play at home.

The strangest part of my musical life is that my friend remember...the one I was playing in bands with when I was 12 (we've always kept in touch and been friends)....rang me about three weeks back asking if I fancied playing drums in a band...I said no...but he persuaded me to sit in for a weekend rehearsal so that they could record some demos with a view to recruiting a drummer....

I'm now joined up again in a band, and have just purchased my first Electronic Drum Kit to facilitate home practice.

The first rehearsal was absolutely, mentally, stupidly's like we'd both gone back 30 odd years....instant click....and absolutely outrageously good covers....we did I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges), Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones), EMI (Sex Pistols) and a couple of self-penned songs.

The band has been named....Midlife Crisis ....and we're available for weddings, funerals, and Bar Mitzvah's.


The biggest regret in life...not continuously playing drums from 11 to 43...I think I might have been a decent drummer if I'd played for 32 years....regretfully I've hamstrung myself by taking to many long sabaticals away from the hobby for all manner of reasons...sigh.
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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