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Default Re: Need life advice about job offer from fellow drummers.

Its an RV parts and service job. RVs arent an interest of mine. I do have good coworkers and a good boss. But my job is all data entry and customer service. Parts and service isnt something I want to make a career out of. So even though its a good job for me at 18 to have gotten I feel like in 5 years I will be completely burned out on it. But the money is good.

One thing about it to is that the 45 min drive each way makes my 9 hour shifts seem like 11 hour shifts. And put alot of miles on my car. But you also cant deny the benefits of health and dental and higher pay. Both positions have matched 401k and vacation and holidays.
Both are very successful progressive businesses.

For the pro audio job they go out of town to work in other towns 4 or 5 days a month. Always working in a new location would keep things interesting. And since Im interested in audio and the like it could open up possibility for the future instead of just parts and service stuff.

Not having a drive on my own time would be really nice. But there is also a chance of having to be out of town when I have a possible gig. But the boss I would have there says that he is flexible with making sure you are home when you need to be. But the boss I have now will also let me leave a little early once in a while if I need to make a practice or something.

So you can see where it is a confusing thing to chose. I have wanted a job at this music store for a long time though.

I really want to thank you guys for all the advice. I like this place. You guys rock

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